You asked: Where is Diamond Naturals manufactured?

Is Diamond Naturals made in China?

Diamond uses Chinese products in all of it’s pet food lines. TOW may be produced in the US but the ingredients come from all over the world. … Merrick Pet Foods is one of a small number of dog food manufacturers that certify all products included in their product are US sourced.

Is Diamond Naturals made in the USA?

Our Overview. Diamond Naturals is a good quality, made-in-America brand of dog food. The company produces several of its own brands, and also makes food for other companies in its factories.

Where is Diamond Natural made?

Diamond Naturals uses the highest quality ingredients and manufactured in America in state-of-the-art facilities. This formula uses some ingredients that are not USA sourced, like flaxseed and barley, both which originate in Canada and dried chicory root from Belgium.

Where is Diamond pet food manufactured?

Diamond Pet Foods is produced at four state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities across the U.S. In addition to our headquarters in Meta, Missouri, we have plants in Gaston, South Carolina; Lathrop, California; and our newest plant is in Ripon, California.

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What dog food is not made in China?

What dog food is not made in China? The Honest Kitchen 100% human grade pet food for cats and dogs is made in the USA. The Honest Kitchen pet foods contain no ingredients from China, and are soy free, GMO free, wheat free, and corn free.

Is Purina dog food made in China?

All Purina dog food is made in the U.S.A. at one of their dry/wet facilities. Two different treats are made in China for good reason. China does not use the breast meat from chickens and they consider breast meat “byproduct”.

Is Diamond Naturals Aafco approved?

Diamond Naturals All Life Stages Dog Chicken & Rice Formula is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages including growth of large size dogs (70 lbs. or more as an adult).

Is Diamond and Diamond Naturals the same company?

The Diamond Pet Food company has four brands of dog food – Diamond, Diamond Naturals, Diamond Care, and Diamond Pro89. All of these brands consist of a plethora of recipes, including dry dog food and canned dog food, as well as treats.

Does diamond own blue buffalo?

Brands owned by Diamond include Diamond Naturals, Nutra-Gold, and Taste of the Wild. 6. Blue Buffalo is owned by General Mills.

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Does Diamond Naturals have taurine?

Sodium selenite appears to be nutritionally inferior to the more natural source of selenium found in selenium yeast. We also note the use of taurine, an important amino acid associated with the healthy function of heart muscle.

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Are Diamond Naturals preservatives?

Diamond states that they don’t use wheat, corn, or soy in their foods, and you won’t find those ingredients in this lamb meal and rice dog food. In addition, their meats are hormone and antibiotic-free and they use natural preservatives.

Are Diamond Naturals peas?

Diamond Naturals uses real meat and meat meal as the core ingredients in their recipes. They also add grains in grain-inclusive recipes (like whole brown rice) and replace them with peas and sweet potatoes for grain-free options.

Who is the manufacturer of Diamond dog food?

Schell & Kampeter, Inc., doing business as Diamond Pet Foods, Inc., manufactures and markets animal food products. The Company offers biscuits, dry, and canned food for dogs and cats.

Who owns Diamond food?

Diamond Pet Foods is owned by a company called Schell & Kampeter Inc. In 1970, brothers-in-law Gary Schell and Richard Kampeter started Diamond on the premise that premium pet food should be affordable.

Who is the maker of Diamond dog food?

Diamond dog foods are manufactured by Schell & Kampeter, Inc., headquartered in Meta, Missouri. The company has four plants located in Gaston, South Carolina, Meta, Missouri, Lathrop, California, and a new plant in Ripon, California.