Your question: Do diamonds spawn near coal?

Do diamonds spawn by coal?

basically, diamonds would still spawn at the levels they do now, but would have an increased chance to spawn inside coal veins, since diamonds are just compressed coal/carbon in real life.

What ore does diamond spawn near?

A Pickaxe made of diamonds is the only one capable of mining obsidian, but it still takes 9 seconds by default. Diamond Ore is often found near lava, making it dangerous to mine.

Does coal lead to diamonds in Minecraft?

Coal ore from a y level of 15 or below should have a small percent chance to drop diamonds. I respect the idea of coal dropping diamonds with a . … 001 chance, but that is why we have a fortune enchantment.

Do diamonds spawn near other ores?

You can find any ore anywhere so long as you’re at the right height for it. It just so happens that the level where lava spawns is also the level where diamonds do.

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