Your question: How do I get to diamond in RL?

Is it hard to get to Diamond in rocket League?

Anyone can get to Diamond with enough time and patience. Not everyone can get out of Diamond, though. This division is where the good players are separated from the great players. It’s harsh and brutal, but it’s where Rocket League legends can start their stories.

How many hours does it take to get to Diamond RL?

Diamond (800 – 1200 hours)

Does the car you use in rocket League make a difference?

The different cars feature a variety of different hitboxes and handling attributes, which can change how your car interacts with the ball or just how fast your turns can be.

Is Rocket League hard?

It rules out a lot of qualities that are mandatory, and very hard to train. Team-play coordination, strategy, adaptation, game knowledge, etc. Rocket League is undoubtedly a very impressive game at high level, requiring in-game weeks of training to be on top.

How many hours does squishy have in rocket League?

By his own count, Cloud9′s Mariano “Squishy Muffinz” Arruda has logged around 10,500 hours in Rocket League, with almost half that time in training, trying out new moves.

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How do I check how many hours I have on my RL?

Click on the Three Dot Menu: Find Rocket League in the list of your games and click on the three horizontal dots just underneath the image. View “You’ve Played”: A sub-menu will appear giving you the amount of time you’ve played the Rocket League.

What’s better in rocket League Platinum or Diamond?

These are the Rocket League ranks:

However, Grand Champion has been knocked into second place and divided into three sub tiers, with Supersonic Legend now being the ultimate accolade for competitive Rocket League players.