Your question: What is better than gems?

What is More Than gems ROK?

“More Than Gems” is a Rise of Kingdoms event that consists of spending a certain amount of gems to obtain rewards, no matter how we spend it, any option is accepted. gems in reserve for this moment.

What should I spend my gems on ROK?

Best Gems Spending Priorities:

  1. Unlocking VIP 6.
  2. More Than Gem Event – You should be able to get to VIP 8+ now.
  3. VIP 10 – Get 1 Free Legendary Sculpture every day.
  4. 8-hour speedups – 20 of them each week from (VIP-8 shop)
  5. Spin Wheel of Fortune to get YSG + Khan.
  6. VIP-12 – Get 2 Free Legendary Sculptures every day.

What is the best civilization rise of kingdoms?

France. France is, by definition, the best civilization for farming in the game. Not only because of their increased wood gathering speed, but also because their commander, Joan of Arc, has passive bonuses to gathering, as well.

How do you use gems in AOV?

There are only a few ways to use gems at present.

  1. Buying items in the Gem Shop.
  2. Rerolling heroes in Hook Wars and Abyssal Clash.
  3. Buying additional arcana pages.
  4. Buying certain heroes*
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