Your question: What is the gem society?

The American Gem Society (AGS) is a trade association of retail jewelers, independent appraisers, suppliers, and selective industry members, which was founded in 1934 by Robert M. … The Society trains and certifies jewelers, gemologists, and jewelry appraisers.

Is the International gem Society legit?

The claim that this program somehow constitutes a “certified program” is false. This is a wonderful membership organization with a long history of member services, but as an education institute the IGS can only be considered for hobby level participation.

What is International gem Society?

Donald Clark, CSM founded the International Gem Society (IGS) in 1998. IGS’s mission is to make gemology information accessible and affordable to everyone. IGS has members on every continent (except Antarctica), who range from seasoned professionals to hobbyists.

What are the gem countries?

Countries such as Brazil, Madagascar and Sri Lanka are blessed with a huge range of precious gemstones and picking just one is difficult.

Quick Guide to Country Gemstones.

Country Gemstone
Australia Opal
Bolivia Ametrine
Brazil Imperial Topaz
Cambodia Zircon
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What is gem purpose?

According to legend, Vikings used iolite slices to reduce glare when checking the sun’s position. Iolite displays different colors when viewed in different directions. Iolite is usually faceted to highlight its transparency.

How do you know what your birthstone is?

Birthstones, on the basis of calendar months, are described as follows:

  1. January Birthstone – Garnet. …
  2. February Birthstone – Amethyst. …
  3. March Birthstone – Aquamarine. …
  4. April Birthstone – Diamond. …
  5. May Birthstone – Emerald. …
  6. June Birthstone – Pearl. …
  7. July Birthstone – Ruby. …
  8. August Birthstone – Peridot.

How do I become a certified gemologist?

To become a certified gemologist appraiser, you have to acquire a diploma in gemology, plus property-appraisal training and professional experience. You must have access to gem-testing equipment and a gemological library. Finally you have to take and pass the certification test.

What are the ancient and modern birthstones for the month of September?

Modern vs. Traditional

Modern Traditional
Aug Peridot Spinel Sardonyx
Sep Sapphire Sapphire
Oct Tourmaline Opal
Nov Golden Topaz Citrine Topaz

What is IGS jewelry?

International Gem Society IGS – Information and educational services for everyone interested in gemstones.

Which country has the most gem?

According to the U.S. Department of the Interior, there are also “substantial” reserves of the gemstone around the world.

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Country Diamond Production in 2015 (in carats) Average Value Per Carat
Russia 41.9 million $101

Which country has the best stones?

Myanmar: The king of the gem industry, Myanmar is known for producing the best Ruby stones. The Mogok region of Burma (Myanmar) is known for the mining of “Pigeon-Blood” Rubies, which is the most valued type of Rubies. Apart from Rubies, Myanmar has the only reserve of high quality Jadeite Jade stones.

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Which country has the best gems?

Sri Lanka is one of the top gem bearing countries in the world with the highest density of gems in the world and is a global sourcing destination for over 75 varieties of precious and semi-precious gemstones.

What is OEM in GeM?

Government e-Marketplace(GeM) classifies sellers as either OEM or Resellers. OEM means ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer’, which, as the name suggests, refers to the manufacturer of a product. A ‘Reseller’ is a dealer or distributor who buys the product from an OEM and sells it at a higher price.

Who can register on GeM?

Sellers on the Government E-Marketplace must have the following documents to be registered:

  • Udyog Adhaar or Company Registration or LLP Registration.
  • VAT/TIN Number (if applicable)
  • Bank Account & supporting KYC documents.
  • Identity proof.
  • Address proof.
  • Cancelled cheque copy.

What is GeM project?

About us. The Gem Project is a 501(c)3 organization created to improve the high school to college graduation rates of marginalized populations, through peer-mentoring, youth organizing, employment, and service-learning initiatives that take on a social justice approach. Website