Your question: What kind of gemstones are found in Arizona?

The best known gems found in Arizona are turquoise, garnet, peridot, chrysocolla, azyr-malachite, malachite, agate, chalcedony, amethystine quartz, diamond (meteoric) dioptose and topaz.

What gemstones can you find in Arizona?

Arizona is world-famous for its turquoise, peridot, and petrified wood. The state is also famous for copper, and a variety of copper minerals are mined as gemstones. These include azurite, chrysocolla, and malachite. Other Arizona gem materials include agate, amethyst, garnet, jade, jasper, obsidian, onyx, and opal.

Where can I dig for gems in Arizona?

Below you’ll find some of the best places in Arizona to find the gems, stones, rocks, and minerals you are looking for:

  • Burro Creek BLM Land in Wickenburg, Arizona.
  • Santa Cruz County outside of Nogales, Arizona.
  • Arizona Amethyst Mines in Fountain Hills, Arizona.
  • Petrified Forest National Park in Northeast Arizona.

Where can I dig for amethyst in Arizona?

Where To Find Amethyst In Arizona (5 Best Locations)

  • Where To Find Amethyst in Arizona. Amethyst is actually rather rare in Arizona. …
  • Four Peaks Arizona Amethyst Mine Tour. …
  • Yavapai County. …
  • Fat Jack Scepter Mine. …
  • Holbrook. …
  • Woodpecker Mine Area.
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Where can I dig for turquoise in Arizona?

Arizona Turquoise Mines

  • Bisbee Mine.
  • Blue Bird Mine.
  • Castle Dome Mine.
  • Castle Dome Mine.
  • Cave Creek Mine.
  • Ithaca Peak Mine.
  • Kingman Mine.
  • Morenci Mine.

Where can I find opals in Arizona?

Opals have been found at the Burro Creek in Wickenburg. This is a well-known mineral producing area that will produce a wide variety of collectable minerals. The Southern Sky Opal mines are located in southern Arizona near Tubac in Santa Cruz County. These mines produce a soft blue opal that is highly desirable.

Can diamonds be found in Arizona?

When you think of diamonds, you rarely associate them as being located in Arizona, the copper state. However, diamonds do occur in Arizona, where they are found at Meteor Crater, located about 18 miles west of the town of Winslow. … Diamonds are located in both primary kimberlite deposits and secondary placer deposits.

Can you find geodes in Arizona?

In Arizona, geodes can be found in many places across the state and contain a large diversity of crystals. Quartz geodes are some of the most common. Though Arizona has produced a dazzling array including brilliant purple amethyst specimens.

Can you find crystals in Arizona?

A popular collecting site is in the mountains north of Aguila. You can find some nice terminated quartz crystals in this area. One of the most popular crystal collecting sites in Arizona is at Crystal Hill, just southeast of Quartzsite.

Where can I find Malachite in Arizona?


Mineral Data: Click here to view Malachite data
Locality Data: Click here to view Ajo Mining District, Pima County, Arizona, USA
Localities for Malachite in this Region
New Cornelia Mine (Ajo Mine), Ajo, Little Ajo Mountains, Ajo Mining District, Pima County, Arizona, USA
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Where can I find fire agate?

Fire agate, a variety of chalcedony, is a semi-precious natural gemstone discovered so far only in certain areas of central and northern Mexico and the southwestern United States (New Mexico, Arizona and California).

Where can you find gold in Arizona?

Here are some of the most popular spots to prospect for gold in Arizona:

  • The Wickenburg Mountains.
  • The Hassayampa River.
  • Cave Creek area.
  • The Agua Fria River.
  • The Bighorn Mountains.
  • Prescott – Lynx Creek.
  • Stanton – Rich Hill.
  • Black Canyon City.

Is Jade Found in Arizona?

Arizona Gemstones

Agate, amethyst, garnet, jade, jasper, obsidian, onyx, and opal have all been found in Arizona and used to make gems.

What geodes look like on the outside?

What are the features on the outside of a geode that you should look for? Geodes will typically not present with a smooth outside surface. What you’ll typically find on a geode is a bumpy, uneven surface. Sometimes you can even find them with nodule like bumps on the outside surface.

Where can I find Thundereggs in Arizona?

Cave Creek, AZ

Just to the northeast of Phoenix, the Cave Creek area offers some of the best rockhounding you can find in a small area in Arizona (and that’s saying something). There is a great mix of rocks and minerals to find here, including agate, jasper, quartz, precious metals, and even thundereggs.